What Are the Benefits of IT Certification?

Benefits of IT certification

The question, “What are the benefits of IT certification?” is common in today’s competitive work environment. According to a recent report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, certification may improve an applicant’s chances for employment in the information technology field. Although education requirements vary throughout the industry, certification is a designation earned by a person to assure their qualification to perform a job or task.

Through 2018, jobs in the information technology field are on the rise. Employment for database administrators is projected to increase by 20%, while jobs for software engineers are expected to grow 32%, and network systems and data communications analysts are supposed to increase by 53%, making IT certification an attractive educational goal for those who would like to enter into this growing industry.

What is IT Certification?

Information technology certification can add professional credentials to employees who may not have formal education in computer science but have relevant computer skills. Certification signifies an endorsement of your tested professional knowledge and can be earned as an entry-level credential in order to begin a career in the IT field or as an asset on top of a bachelor’s or master’s degree to show proficiency in a specific software program or IT skill set.

One of the benefits of a certification program is that it provides concentrated coursework in a relatively short-period of time, with many certification programs lasting between 6-18 months. Certification is offered in several IT disciplines, such as network security, project management, game design, database management, and computer programming. Your personal interest and career goals should determine the type of IT certification you elect to pursue.

Earning Your Information Technology Certification Online

If you are intending to continue to work while earning your information technology certification, there are several schools which offer evening and weekend classes, as well as those who offer courses online. If you have never taken a course online, you may be surprised at how convenient it can be.

When you learn online at home instead of in a traditional classroom, you can choose your own class time and study on your own schedule. The flexibility of online learning makes it easier for you to maintain your other responsibilities and still receive a quality education.

Taking IT certification courses offered online could improve your chances of entering the expanding IT job market. If you already work in the field, IT online courses can help you stay current with technological advances in the industry, and perhaps, improve your chances for promotion.

Doing Your Research

You will need to do some research on which IT certification program interests you. To get started with your education, you should look into programs which offer professional certification in your specific area of IT. Next, you should request additional information from the school in order explore the various information technology certification course offerings.

Before making a final decision, you may want to check over the faculty’s biographies to see what their backgrounds are and check that the program you have chosen is accredited. Go ahead and begin getting the information you need below. Your IT certification is waiting!