Computer science colleges

Considering Computer Science Colleges

You’re online 24/7. Friends come to you for help when their computers crash and they need to restore a file. You have an uncanny knack for math, a love for ...

Computer science salaries

What is the Average Computer Science Salary?

As a graduate armed with a degree in computer science, IT or a related field, there’s one thing that’s clear: you are in demand. The National Association of Colleges and ...

Definition of computer science versus information technology

Understanding the Definition of Computer Science vs. Information Technology

The debate about computer science vs. information technology is common among those considering a computer-related degree. The terms are often used interchangeably, but they don’t mean the same thing. The ...

IT and Computer Science Degree Programs

Whether it’s surfing the Internet, sending an email or compiling a spreadsheet, people use computers on a daily basis. With computer and information technology careers projected to grow at a faster than average rate through 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer science degrees are expected to be in high demand.

From information systems to game design, campus and online computer science degree programs range from the undergraduate to the graduate level. Begin exploring our database of computer schools today, and request for more information from those that interest you!

Latest Articles

Online Computer Programming Degree

Online Computer Programming Degree: Decoding the Web

Computer programmers write, test, debug, and maintain the source code of programs that computers use to carry out functions. If you are tech-savvy and detail-oriented, earning an online computer programming degree may be the right choice for you. A computer programming bachelor’s degree from a four-year school is the standard for becoming a programmer, although […]

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Most Famous People in Technology

The 8 Most Famous People in Technology: Helping to Make Computer History

It may seem like computer science and technology are fields that are relatively new, but there have been a great number of people whose knowledge, work, and innovation have made huge impacts on society and the world at large. Below we have listed some of the most famous people in technology who have all worked […]

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Online Web Design Degree

Online Web Design Degree: Creating the Face of the Web

Web design and development is the process of planning and creating a website using text, images, digital media, and other elements. Factors that web designers have to take into consideration when designing a website include its architecture, user interface, navigation, layout, fonts, and imagery. Although having a formal education is not a requirement in the […]

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MBA in information systems or MS

Deciding Between an MBA in Information Systems and an MS

In this day and age, the effective deployment of information technology is critical to a business’s success. Consequently, there is a growing need for specialists and managers in information systems. If you are thinking about pursuing a degree in information systems, you might be wondering what the difference is between an MBA in information systems […]

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Online CAD Training

Online CAD Training: Constructing Your Career

CAD operators, also known as drafters, use computer aided design to prepare technical drawings and plans that guide the construction of various products and structures from industrial machinery to toaster ovens. Employers prefer hiring applicants with strong drafting and mechanical drawing skills, as well as a solid background in CAD techniques, mathematics, science, and engineering. […]

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