IT and Computer Science Degree Programs

Whether it’s surfing the Internet, sending an email or compiling a spreadsheet, people use computers on a daily basis. With computer and information technology careers projected to grow at a faster than average rate through 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer science degrees are expected to be in high demand.

From information systems to game design, campus and online computer science degree programs range from the undergraduate to the graduate level. Begin exploring our database of computer schools today, and request for more information from those that interest you!

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Where to Start with computer Science Courses

Campus and Online Computer Science Courses: Where Do I Start?

Have you decided it’s time to enroll in some computer science courses and earn your degree? Are you wondering where to start? We’re here to help. Before embarking on your educational journey, stop to ask yourself the who, why, what, where, and how of your academic future. Who? The who in question is, of course, […]

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Online game design schools

Online Game Design Schools: Taking Your Education to the Next Level

If you have a passion for video games, explore the opportunities that online game design schools offer. A subset of game development, it is up to a game designer to develop a game’s overall concept and feel. Game designers generally must possess a combination of artistic, technical, and writing skills to succeed in their careers, […]

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Animation Schools: Brining Art to Life

Animation Schools: Bringing Life to Art

Animation is, quite literally, about bringing life to art. Animation takes static images and infuses them with movement, allowing action to take place. However, animation is not just about artistic ability. It is a technical skill that requires specific training. If you dream of becoming an animator, animation schools offer both campus and online degrees […]

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Computer support training

Computer Support Training: Lending a Helping Hand

Tired of your old job? Perhaps, it’s time to look at the future. Consider a career as a computer support specialist! If you like helping people, enjoy solving problems, and want to work in technology, this may be the right field for you. Get computer support training now to join this fast-growing sector of the […]

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Database management training

Database Management Training: Storing and Analyzing Data

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, database management training is vital to the important task of “efficient transmission of information and the storage and analysis of information… through computer networks, databases, and the Internet.” In addition to database management, database administrators might also work in computer systems design and networks, and the BLS maintains […]

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