IT and Computer Science Degree Programs

Whether it’s surfing the Internet, sending an email or compiling a spreadsheet, people use computers on a daily basis. With computer and information technology careers projected to grow at a faster than average rate through 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer science degrees are expected to be in high demand.

From information systems to game design, campus and online computer science degree programs range from the undergraduate to the graduate level. Begin exploring our database of computer schools today, and request for more information from those that interest you!

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Computer Careers for IT graduates

Computer Careers for IT Graduates

If you are technology oriented, enjoy working with computers, and are thinking of going back to school, consider exploring careers in computer science. Computer scientists and IT professionals are known for their logical minds, problem-solving skills, and ability to thrive as part of a team. With society’s increased dependence on technology, individuals pursing computer science […]

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Computer science jobs

Computer Science Jobs in Up-and-Coming IT Disciplines

When it comes to computer science jobs, so many disciplines are up-and-coming that it’s almost difficult to know where to begin. From devising the technology behind the latest handheld devices to exploring new ways to process fuel in an environmentally friendly manner, jobs in computer science are at the forefront of the modern economy. Trends […]

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Online computer degee

An Online Computer Degree: Is it Right for You?

Considering an online computer degree? One might imagine that a computer science major is an ideal candidate for an online course of study. Undoubtedly, online learning programs would not exist were it not for the work of well-trained computer science grads. In fact, online learning has its roots in a computer-assisted training program developed in […]

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CAD Training

CAD Training: Drafting the Structures of Tomorrow

If you are interested in drafting and designing, then CAD training may be a suitable path for you. AutoCAD is a computer software application that is used by architects, facility planners, interior designers, engineers, and those employed in the construction industry to create two and three-dimensional plans. Plans can be made to design buildings, room […]

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Computer Science Bachelor's Degree

IT and Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree

If you are considering going back to school to pursue a bachelor’s degree in information technology or computer science, you probably already have strong experience with computers. Perhaps, you have completed an IT certificate program or associate’s degree and are currently employed in the field. Or maybe you are looking to switch careers and want […]

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