IT and Computer Science Degree Programs

Whether it’s surfing the Internet, sending an email or compiling a spreadsheet, people use computers on a daily basis. With computer and information technology careers projected to grow at a faster than average rate through 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer science degrees are expected to be in high demand.

From information systems to game design, campus and online computer science degree programs range from the undergraduate to the graduate level. Begin exploring our database of computer schools today, and request for more information from those that interest you!

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CAD careers

CAD Careers: Becoming a CAD Designer

CAD designers (also called CAD operators, CAD technicians, and drafters) use Computer Aided Design systems to prepare drawings and plans for production and construction. Drafters work as part of a team, supporting engineers, architects, surveyors or scientists. Their drawings guide the construction of a variety of products and structures. Consequently, CAD careers are prevalent in […]

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Computer Science Distance Learning

Computer Science Distance Learning Overview

Computer science distance learning options accommodate the needs of busy professionals with full-time jobs. There are several types of distance learning programs available, and each requires varying levels of class attendance. Many computer science distance learning programs are offered entirely online, while teleconference programs require you to attend ground class meetings that are televised at […]

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Hardware computer repair training

Hardware and Computer Repair Training: Fixing What’s Broken

If you think about how many computers there are in the world, it might make you wonder who fixes them all. Businesses use computers for ordering, inventory control, billing, and advertising, among other applications, and many households have at least one personal computer. Computer repairers, also called PC and computer repair technicians, provide hands-on repair, […]

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Becoming a computer repair technician

Becoming a Computer Repair Technician: Maintaining Technology

Computers are vital to business operations, as they are used to store, process, and produce important information. Because businesses depend heavily on computers, there is a need for well-trained computer repair technicians in various organizations. A computer repair technician, also known as a computer hardware technician, is responsible for maintaining and repairing personal computers, servers, […]

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Choosing among top computer science programs

Choosing Among the Top Computer Science Programs

You know IT is the field for you, but there are so many information technology and computer science programs to choose from. How can you decide which one is the best? With opportunities spanning the country, honing in on the right program entails assessing your goals, researching an array of target schools, and balancing the […]

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