MBA in Information Technology vs. Master of Science in Information Technology

MBA in information technology vs. Master of Science in information technology

If you want to get a master’s degree in information technology, you’ll discover that there are two main types of master’s degrees available in the field: the MBA in information technology and the Master of Science in information technology. The two degree programs are similar, but they equip graduates with unique sets of skills. The MBA in information technology caters to students who want to take on management positions in information technology, whereas the Master of Science in information technology is designed for IT professionals who use and apply information technology in the workplace.

The MBA in Information Technology

The MBA in information technology imparts both technical and business knowledge, preparing students to take on information technology management positions in a variety of settings. In an MBA in information technology program, you’ll learn about leading people and teams, management and strategy, information technology project management, and information technology strategic solutions. Positions that an MBA program in information technology is designed to prepare you for include mid- to upper-level manager in corporations, the government, and non-profit organizations.

The Master of Science in Information Technology

The Master of Science in information technology is a graduate information technology degree that equips students with the skills necessary to work in the software industry and other related fields. Master of Science programs tend to focus on specific areas of information technology, such as software development, computer programming, software testing, computer security, and software engineering.

Graduates of MS programs are adept at using rapidly advancing information technology in a commercial setting and typically possess an array of analytical, creative, and problem-solving skills. Career paths that an MS in information technology may qualify you for include director of information technology, IT architect and systems manager, chief information officer, and data processing manager.

Why Choose an MS in Information Technology Instead of an MBA?

A Master of Science in information technology provides you with a broad technical understanding of the information technology field. If you want to hone your technical skills before expanding into the business arena, pursuing a Master of Science is ideal. An increasing number of companies are looking for people with a strong technical background and basic people skills to take on management positions. Having an MBA is not always essential for obtaining a management position in information technology since many companies have internal management training programs.

There are advantages to pursuing an MBA, however. Some Master of Science degree holders do not have the business skills and knowledge to excel in management positions. Pursuing an MBA is a great way to overcome this hurdle. An MBA will give you an in-depth understanding of corporate culture and key business concepts. MBA programs also teach you about human behavior and how to work effectively in a team.

Some people go as far as to pursue both an MS and an MBA in information technology, so they can obtain valuable management skills and expand their technical knowledge. Ultimately, your choice should depend on your career goals. If you see yourself continuing on a technical path, you may want to pursue an MS. If you’d like to move into managerial roles, then you might want to go for an MBA. If you’d like to become a top-notch manager and a technical specialist, then consider pursuing both an MS and an MBA. For more information, take a look at some of the schools featured on our site.