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10 Hot IT Careers

10 Hot IT Careers

When someone mentions “hot careers,” what do you think of? If something in the IT field pops into mind, that’s not surprising. The US Department of Labor (DOL) and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) both seem to indicate that many IT careers are among the fastest growing occupations between 2008 and 2018. Here are […]

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An Online Computer Degree: Is it Right for You?

Online computer degee

Considering an online computer degree? One might imagine that a computer science major is an ideal candidate for an online course of study. Undoubtedly, online learning programs would not exist were it not for the work of well-trained computer science grads. In fact, online learning has its roots in a computer-assisted training program developed in […]

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or Information Technology?

Bachelor of science in computer science versus information technology

Although the differences between a Bachelor of Science in computer science and a Bachelor of Science in information technology seem minimal, a computer science bachelor’s degree and an information technology degree are not interchangeable. Computer science deals with the creation of computer programs, while information technology deals with the usage of those programs in business. A computer […]

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Becoming a Computer Hardware Engineer: Building the Computers of the Future

Becoming a computer hardware engineer

Computers are composed of two separate but critical components: the software that runs the programs on the computer, and the actual physical elements of the computer itself—from the monitor to the power supply to the video card. Without hardware, there would be no computers to use word processors, cruise the Internet or operate the multitude […]

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Becoming a Computer Repair Technician: Maintaining Technology

Becoming a computer repair technician

Computers are vital to business operations, as they are used to store, process, and produce important information. Because businesses depend heavily on computers, there is a need for well-trained computer repair technicians in various organizations. A computer repair technician, also known as a computer hardware technician, is responsible for maintaining and repairing personal computers, servers, […]

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Becoming a Computer Support Technician

Becoming a computer support technician

Are you interested in pursuing a career as a computer support technician? Computer support technicians, also known as computer support specialists, help people use computers. They provide technical advice and support to individuals and organizations that work with information technology. Computer support technicians are typically responsible for responding to inquiries, complaints, and requests for assistance. […]

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Becoming a Software Engineer: Applications or Systems Software Engineering?

Becoming a software engineer

Computers are a critical component of everyday life—both at home and the office. But without software, computers would just be very large and rather useless paperweights. Computer software is a grouping of computer programs, procedures or rules that assist the operation of a computer system. Application software helps the user to perform tasks on the […]

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Becoming a Telecom Engineer: Communicating Electronically

Becoming a telecom engineer

Telecommunication engineering is a field of electrical engineering. A telecom engineer designs telecom network infrastructure using a variety of equipment and transport media. Telecommunication engineers specialize in a specific type of technology, such as broadband systems or phone networks. Organizations that employ telecommunication engineering professionals include engineering consulting firms, government agencies, and telecommunications companies. Telecommunication […]

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Becoming an Animator: It All Starts with an Animation Degree

Becoming an animator

From Wall-E to the beloved Mickey Mouse, our favorite animated characters are complex creatures that require significant skill and talent to create. An animation degree equips you with the artistic and technological knowledge necessary to create memorable characters that capture the hearts and minds of many. Animators create animation, special effects, and other visual images […]

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CAD Careers: Becoming a CAD Designer

CAD careers

CAD designers (also called CAD operators, CAD technicians, and drafters) use Computer Aided Design systems to prepare drawings and plans for production and construction. Drafters work as part of a team, supporting engineers, architects, surveyors or scientists. Their drawings guide the construction of a variety of products and structures. Consequently, CAD careers are prevalent in […]

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Campus and Online Computer Science Courses: Where Do I Start?

Where to Start with computer Science Courses

Have you decided it’s time to enroll in some computer science courses and earn your degree? Are you wondering where to start? We’re here to help. Before embarking on your educational journey, stop to ask yourself the who, why, what, where, and how of your academic future. Who? The who in question is, of course, […]

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Choosing Among the Top Computer Science Programs

Choosing among top computer science programs

You know IT is the field for you, but there are so many information technology and computer science programs to choose from. How can you decide which one is the best? With opportunities spanning the country, honing in on the right program entails assessing your goals, researching an array of target schools, and balancing the […]

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Computer Careers for IT Graduates

Computer Careers for IT graduates

If you are technology oriented, enjoy working with computers, and are thinking of going back to school, consider exploring careers in computer science. Computer scientists and IT professionals are known for their logical minds, problem-solving skills, and ability to thrive as part of a team. With society’s increased dependence on technology, individuals pursing computer science […]

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Computer Information Systems Careers

Computer informstion systems careers

Computer information systems careers are an excellent choice for those seeking leadership roles in the information technology (IT) industry. Computer information systems professionals, such as computer systems analysts and information systems managers, play a pivotal role in the technological direction of organizations. Management information systems careers involve the implementation and administration of IT within organizations. […]

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Computer Programming Careers: Becoming a Computer Programmer

Computer programming careers

If you have a knack for working with computers, then you may find computer programming careers to be appealing. Computer programmers write new programs and update, repair, and modify existing ones. Computer software engineers design software programs, and then computer programmers convert those designs into a series of instructions using programming languages. The most common […]

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Computer Science Curriculum Overview

Computer science curriculmn

A computer science curriculum teaches students about the scientific aspects of computer systems and how humans and computers interact. Students pursuing a computer science degree learn about the mathematical and theoretical foundations of computing and study the nature of computing to determine which problems are computable and how computers solve those problems. If you like to […]

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Computer Science Distance Learning Overview

Computer Science Distance Learning

Computer science distance learning options accommodate the needs of busy professionals with full-time jobs. There are several types of distance learning programs available, and each requires varying levels of class attendance. Many computer science distance learning programs are offered entirely online, while teleconference programs require you to attend ground class meetings that are televised at […]

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Computer Science Graduate Programs

Computer science graduate programs

Computer science and information technology are highly specialized and ever changing. With much faster-than-average job growth projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, earning a graduate degree in computer science may enhance your job prospects significantly. The question is, since there are so many computer graduate degree choices, which type of computer science graduate program […]

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Computer Science Jobs in Up-and-Coming IT Disciplines

Computer science jobs

When it comes to computer science jobs, so many disciplines are up-and-coming that it’s almost difficult to know where to begin. From devising the technology behind the latest handheld devices to exploring new ways to process fuel in an environmentally friendly manner, jobs in computer science are at the forefront of the modern economy. Trends […]

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Computer Science Schools: Admissions Process and Requirements

Computer science school admissions process

Want to pursue a degree in computer science? Whether you’re a high school student with a knack for code or a seasoned graduate applicant, if you are worried about getting into college, here’s a brief overview of the admissions process for computer science schools. Undergraduate Computer Science Schools Getting into computer school is simply a […]

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Considering Computer Science Colleges

Computer science colleges

You’re online 24/7. Friends come to you for help when their computers crash and they need to restore a file. You have an uncanny knack for math, a love for systems and structures, and a website of your own that you built from scratch. If the above description sounds something like you, then it might […]

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Database Administrator Certification Types

Database administration certification types

A database administrator certification is a valuable career credential that is considered the industry standard by many employers. Obtaining a database administrator certification is a great way to demonstrate your database competence. Database certification programs are offered by product vendors and industry organizations. Whether you want to beef up your resume because you’re just getting […]

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Deciding Between an MBA in Information Systems and an MS

MBA in information systems or MS

In this day and age, the effective deployment of information technology is critical to a business’s success. Consequently, there is a growing need for specialists and managers in information systems. If you are thinking about pursuing a degree in information systems, you might be wondering what the difference is between an MBA in information systems […]

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Ethics and the Information Technology Industry

Ethics and the informaiton technology industry

If you’re interested in joining the information technology industry, now is an excellent time to consider the career change. From the computer software that we use to manage information to the operating systems on our mobile phones, information technology is a vital part of our daily lives. The information technology industry uses computers and software […]

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Financial Aid for a Computer Science Major: Paying for Your Education

Financial Aid for Computer Science Majors

Are you a potential computer science major seeking financial help for your education? There are a range of opportunities for financial assistance available including, financial aid, scholarships, grants, student loans, and GI military benefits. Below we have provided brief descriptions on just a few of the avenues you might consider. Getting Started with FASA As […]

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Game Design Careers: Becoming a Game Designer

Game design careers

If you love video games, are creative, and have a knack for using computers, a game design career might be a good fit. Within gaming there is the role of the game designer, who is essentially the creative director responsible for designing a game’s rules, storyline, environment, and characters; the animator, who brings the characters […]

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Get Paid to Play Video Games: Becoming A Video Game Tester

Becoming a video game tester

In your free time, do you like nothing better than spending hours in front of the TV playing video games? Instead of playing those games for fun, why not play them for a paycheck? You can actually get paid to pay video games! Sound too good to be true? This is an actual video game […]

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Graphic Design Curriculum Overview

Graphic design curriculmn

From the billboards you drive past on the highway to the cover of your favorite magazine, graphic design plays a prominent role in many aspects of your life. Graphic design is the art of getting a message across through visual communication methods. The typical graphic design curriculum consists of courses in typography, color, design principles, […]

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Graphic Design Education Requirements: Becoming a Graphic Designer

Graphic desigin education requirements

Graphic designers, also known as graphic artists, are employed by advertising firms, publishers, and other companies that work with visual communications. Graphic design education requirements are designed to teach students how to get their messages across in print and electronic media. Graphic design students learn to work with illustration, photography, animation, color, type, and layout […]

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MBA in Information Technology vs. Master of Science in Information Technology

MBA in information technology vs. Master of Science in information technology

If you want to get a master’s degree in information technology, you’ll discover that there are two main types of master’s degrees available in the field: the MBA in information technology and the Master of Science in information technology. The two degree programs are similar, but they equip graduates with unique sets of skills. The […]

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Online CAD Training: Constructing Your Career

Online CAD Training

CAD operators, also known as drafters, use computer aided design to prepare technical drawings and plans that guide the construction of various products and structures from industrial machinery to toaster ovens. Employers prefer hiring applicants with strong drafting and mechanical drawing skills, as well as a solid background in CAD techniques, mathematics, science, and engineering. […]

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Online Computer Programming Degree: Decoding the Web

Online Computer Programming Degree

Computer programmers write, test, debug, and maintain the source code of programs that computers use to carry out functions. If you are tech-savvy and detail-oriented, earning an online computer programming degree may be the right choice for you. A computer programming bachelor’s degree from a four-year school is the standard for becoming a programmer, although […]

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Online Game Design Schools: Taking Your Education to the Next Level

Online game design schools

If you have a passion for video games, explore the opportunities that online game design schools offer. A subset of game development, it is up to a game designer to develop a game’s overall concept and feel. Game designers generally must possess a combination of artistic, technical, and writing skills to succeed in their careers, […]

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Online Graphic Design Schools: Developing Your Own Brand

Online graphic design schools

Online graphic design schools train aspiring graphic designers in getting their messages across effectively in both print and electronic media using color, layout, type, illustration, animation, photography, and more. Online schools are accessible to working adults, because they allow you to study in the comfort of your own home and set your own schedule. Launch […]

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Online Web Design Degree: Creating the Face of the Web

Online Web Design Degree

Web design and development is the process of planning and creating a website using text, images, digital media, and other elements. Factors that web designers have to take into consideration when designing a website include its architecture, user interface, navigation, layout, fonts, and imagery. Although having a formal education is not a requirement in the […]

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Online Web Development Courses: Programming Your Future

Online web development courses

Earning a degree through taking online web development courses is one way to assist you in launching a successful career as a web developer. Web developers oversee the technical aspects of creating websites. They determine what information websites will contain and how it will be organized. Using software, web developers integrate databases and other information […]

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The 8 Most Famous People in Technology: Helping to Make Computer History

Most Famous People in Technology

It may seem like computer science and technology are fields that are relatively new, but there have been a great number of people whose knowledge, work, and innovation have made huge impacts on society and the world at large. Below we have listed some of the most famous people in technology who have all worked […]

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Understanding the Definition of Computer Science vs. Information Technology

Definition of computer science versus information technology

The debate about computer science vs. information technology is common among those considering a computer-related degree. The terms are often used interchangeably, but they don’t mean the same thing. The formal definition of computer science is “the study of the principles and use of computers.” Contrary to popular belief, computer science is not about the […]

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Web Design Careers: Becoming a Web Designer

web-design careers

Web design careers blend technology and creativity. If you are artistically inclined and tech-savvy, a career in web design might be a good match. Establishing yourself as a web designer could be as simple as teaching yourself the ins and outs of web design and then putting up a website or as complicated and time-consuming […]

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Web Development Certification: Enhancing Your Credentials

Web Development Certification

Whether you are an established web developer or you are new to the field, a web development certification can help you build a successful career, enhance your job opportunities, and make you more valuable to employers. Web development training requirements vary widely, but for most entry-level positions, web developers need at least an associate’s or […]

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What is the Average Computer Science Salary?

Computer science salaries

As a graduate armed with a degree in computer science, IT or a related field, there’s one thing that’s clear: you are in demand. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) reported that 68.7% of computer science majors of the class of 2013 who applied for a job before graduating received an offer, making computer […]

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Why Get an MS in Computer Science?

MS in computer science

An MS in computer science, also known as the Master of Science or MSc in computer science, is a graduate degree designed for professionals already working in the computer science field. You can pursue the MS in computer science online or on campus. An MS program will strive to equip you with broad technical knowledge […]

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Women in Computer Science: Closing the Gender Divide

Women in Computer Science

There are few women in computer science, despite the fact that the computer science field boasts an array of rewarding employment opportunities. According to an article in the New York Times titled “Why So Few Women in Silicon Valley?” women now outnumber men in elite colleges, medical schools, law schools, and the overall workforce. Nevertheless, […]

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Your Doctoral Degree Options: The Information Systems, IT, and Computer Science PhD

Computer Science PhD

If you want to pursue a leadership, research or teaching position in a computer-related field, completing a PhD program is essential. Computer science colleges offer three main computer-related doctoral degree programs to choose from: a computer science PhD, a PhD in information technology, and a PhD in information systems. Computer-related PhD programs generally take four to […]

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