Associate’s Degree in Computer Science or Information Technology

Associate's degree in computer science

Have you ever thought about changing careers and wondered what an associate’s degree in computer science would mean for you? Is this the right time for you to pursue a computer degree? Government statistics show that the job market for the IT field, including those careers requiring an associate’s degree in computer science, is expected to be one of the fastest growing through this decade as technology usage continues to expand.

Computer Science and IT Associate’s Degree Prerequisites

If you are a high school graduate or have a GED, you can pursue an associate’s degree in computer science. Depending on your schedule, there are full-time programs that would allow you to earn your associate’s degree in about two years.

Many schools offer evening and weekend programs, as well as online options for those who want to continue working at their current job while preparing for a career in IT. Such programs with flexible scheduling allow you to balance your work and other commitments along with your studies.

What Types of Areas Will I Study?

Each school’s curriculum varies, depending on your background, interests, and career goals. Generally, an associate’s degree in computer science will be more theoretically based, whereas, an IT associate’s degree will have more piratical hands-on training. However, the specific focus will differ from school to school, and the two majors share much overlap at the associate’s degree level.

Both a computer science and information technology associate’s degree will introduce you to state-of-the-art technology trends through diversified courses. Nearly everyone will select an introduction to computer science course, which will describe the field and highlight some of the areas of specialization. Other courses offered could include programming, database concepts, commuter networks, PC support, computer architecture, and principles of information security. While earning your associate’s degree in computer science, you might also study computer repair or software design for new applications.

Entry-Level IT Career Opportunities

Entry-level positions could include computer support technician openings with help desk or technical support firms. If you have strong problem-solving skills and are good at communicating, these positions might be the appropriate career path down the line. After earning your IT associate’s degree, you may to decide to continue your education by pursuing a bachelor’s degree program, which could help you to open up your career options into more specialized fields, such as web development, video game design, and management of information systems.

By earning your associate’s degree in computer science, you will have taken the first step towards a new career in an expanding field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that growth for computer
and mathematical occupations is expected to be faster average through 2020. Additionally, the BLS also maintains that the median weekly salary for associate’s degree holders across all occupations in 2012 was 20% higher than those for individuals with only a high school diploma.

Whether it is computer security, programming or database administration that interests you, there are a variety of possibilities within information technology. Enter into the exciting filed of IT with a computer science or information technology associate’s degree today.