Computer & IT Degree Types

Associate’s Degree in Computer Science or Information Technology

Associate's degree in computer science

Have you ever thought about changing careers and wondered what an associate’s degree in computer science would mean for you? Is this the right time for you to pursue a computer degree? Government statistics show that the job market for the IT field, including those careers requiring an associate’s degree in computer science, is expected […]

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Computer Certifications & Diplomas

Copmuter certifications and diplomas

The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates that there will be faster than average job growth for computer and mathematical occupations in the coming decade, with employment in these fields expected to increase by 22% through 2020. Computer and information technology certifications might improve your chances for entering the IT market as an industry professional. If […]

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Doctorate in Computer Science and Information Technology

Doctorate in computer science

If you had a doctorate in computer science or information technology, what could that do for your career? IT doctoral degree holders can become college professors, research scientists or senior executives at a technology company—only just a few of the possibilities. If you want a PhD and have the desire to succeed both academically and […]

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Information Technology Degree Online

Information technology degree online

If you would like to improve your marketability by going back to school and earning a new credential, consider pursing an information technology degree online. Not only has the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that IT is one of the fastest growing job markets over the next decade, but online learning is a flexible way […]

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IT and Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree

Computer Science Bachelor's Degree

If you are considering going back to school to pursue a bachelor’s degree in information technology or computer science, you probably already have strong experience with computers. Perhaps, you have completed an IT certificate program or associate’s degree and are currently employed in the field. Or maybe you are looking to switch careers and want […]

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IT and Computer Science Master’s Degree

IT and copmuter science master's degree

If you are considering a master’s degree in information technology or computer science, you probably already work in the IT field. Congratulations! You have good timing! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer and mathematics occupations are projected to have faster than average growth through 2020, making it an advantageous time to pursue a […]

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